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◆Our attitude toward house

◆House building rooted in local communities

To provide appropriate houses with the times, we believe that we should take root in local communities and introduce both advanced science technology and traditional technique handed down for generation.

In humble attitudes, we sincerely communicate with our customers to make their houses comfortable and to have the customers feel more and more comfortable as they live their houses longer and longer.

◆Energy-efficient house building: high-performance and energy-efficient houses made of solid wood

In recent house building, we have to take the energy-saving measures into consideration as the most important theme.

The building energy efficiency standards are implemented from October 2014 and mandatory compliance with energy efficiency standards shall be implemented by 2020.

We recommend energy-efficient houses with local solid woods. Incorporating advanced science and culture that continue evolving, we make efforts to build houses with the construction method that should be tradition in 100 years’ time.

For the house making with local solid woods, we build on the concept of “local production for local consumption” and make a team with architects, lumber mills, and the other professionals.

◆The building energy efficiency standards and comfortable living spaces

The penetration rate of the building energy efficiency standards in Japan is still low compared with

that in Europe.

The current residential environment in Japan is like a car running gasoline in


We hope more people will be interested in “Energy-efficient home design” on the occasion of

mandatory compliance with energy efficiency standards.

We propose “the super insulated house,” which can control heat gain and heat loss so that you can expect to save on energy costs significantly.

Additionally, you may be able to relieve the stress to the skin and reduce allergic symptoms in the house.

In fact, we received a message from one of our customers that they had never caught cold since they started living in the house.

The super insulated house has possibilities to save on not only energy costs but also medical costs.

◆Substantial house building: incorporating ancient wisdom and new knowledge


Japanese traditional house building, existed since the Jomon Era, used to be our forerunners’ act of living.

After long period of time, we inherit it as the age-old wisdom.

In Japan, especially in Kyoto, there are a lot of historical construction, ruins and cultural properties.

We are lucky enough to have those valuable assets and to learn the valuable technique that our

forerunner has created through their experience and ingenuity according to the development in technology.

Moreover, the loose ends of traditional techniques, which used to be handed down only by experience and instinct, have figured out by the rapid advance of recent information processing technology.

We believe that incorporating these accurate ancient wisdom and new knowledge should be essential for the substantial house building.

◆Community-based house building with local materials, by the local craftsperson

With the accurate ancient wisdom and new knowledge, we engage in “community-based house building with local materials, by the local craftsperson” and we believe our effort shall lead to sustainable and substantial house building.

Recently, we have built a Buddhist priest’s living quarter. It is the latest energy-efficient house and three generations are living under one roof. This kind of living style is getting less these days but I can feel they have a strong family bond.

The family bond becomes stronger through the fusion of ancestral wisdom and new wisdom brought by marriage.


Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, inherits and values its beautiful landscape and high status while protecting a lot of traditional constructions and traditional culture.

We look forward to your visit here in Kyoto, the city with mixture of tradition and modernity.